High purity, natural food grade Ethyl Alcohol 96.2%

We are specialist suppliers of very high quality food grade Ethyl Alcohol / Ethanol sourced from around the globe.
Alcohol supplied is always distilled from pure food sources such as sugar or grain.

Pack Sizes

Alcohol is available in packs of:

  • One litre
  • 20 litres
  • 250 litre drums
  • Containers

Our Customers

Our customers are drawn from a wide variety of industries and include manufactures of:

  • Premium Wines and Spirits
  • Specialist Foods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary
  • High Quality Industrial Cleanings & Sterilising
  • Laboratories etc

Legal Requirements

Spirit is delivered under N.Z. Customs permits and licenced Customs Controlled Areas or denatured to suit the requirements of various industries.

  • Alcohol supplied to licenced Custom Controlled Area warehouse (excise payment your care).
  • Alcohol supplied under N Z Customs issued permits (any excise payment your care).
  • Alcohol can be denatured to suit the requirements of various industries (no excise due).


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